My Sister Mary.

I was ten when I got my first BMX bike
My head touched the clouds that day with joy
When the other girls on the street played with their dolls
I could practice my stunts with the boys

A BMX was all I wanted for Christmas that year
But Santa was poor at the time
So I picked up the phone and told Mary my woes
And she told me that all would be fine

So I’d play on the street watching Mikey do tricks
He could make his bike fly in the air
And I’d fantasise that I could do just as well
But pretended that I didn’t care

Cause I knew that the chance of me getting a bike
And a new one at that was quite slim
So with my hurl and ball bouncing off Temple’s wall
Disappointment I held deep within

I was on a Monday Paul and Mary came home
My big sister, who always loved me
She scolded me that day
My room was in disarray
She did her best to teach me how to be

Anyway, the day passed and I cleaned up my room
Wishing I could play out on the street
Then she called me aside with a wink and a smile
And said ‘We got you a BMX each!’

My whole world crashed around
And there wasn’t a sound
Except for the beat of my heart
Me and Paul got the tools, Plonked ourselves on two stools
And assembled the bikes from the start

Now that I’m all grown up, or nearly at any rate
I look back on that Monday with love
The bike has long gone
But the memory is strong
And Dad agrees with me from up above

So Mary, thank you for my bmx bike
And for being there for me all the days long
And thanks for the times when you hold me up high
And thank you for making me strong.


When I was a little Girl


When I was a little girl I thought of many things

Of magic places and magic beings

and with those thoughts I found a world

Where every little girl was heard


I didn’t need to impress my peers

Although I suffered taunts and jeers

And I often felt that being strange

Was something I could never change


I had a bmx bike too!

And tried the tricks that boys would do

Frame stands, wheelies, bunny hops

I fell, but picked meself up lots


When I was a little girl I looked like a boy

And I’d no time for little girl things

They gave me no joy

I’d no time for house or Cindy dolls

And played cops and robbers in the hills


With Jimmy and Mikey we’d run all day long

Shoot each other with sticks that we made into guns

It was great!  But you never knew who got shot first

So we’d take turns at dying and rarely got hurt


And one time, we hijacked a big jcb

It was bright yellow and idle on the side of the street

The construction men finished their work for the day

Me and Mike found the keys, and decided to play!


I think I was ten and Mike was nine at the time

God I loved him though and often wished he was mine

I was taller than him by a head and a bit

And when he turned over the engine,

I knew this was it!


The jcb trundled real fast down the hill

While Mike started to panic, I was frozen still.

‘What’ll we do?’ He cried out ‘My foot won’t reach the break!’

‘I dunno’, I cried back, ‘Let’s jump out, for fuck’s sake!’


We jumped out of the jcb and scuttled home

Never mentioning what happened, or what we’d done

And the next day the news broke all over the town



They never did find out who turned on the key

It was one secret we kept, my Mikey and me

When years later I bumped into him on the road

We laughed about times gone by, and times of old


I’m no longer a little girl with magic things

But I have magic thoughts, and I know magic beings

And I might have strange ways or so others tell me

But I love my ways, and they help me to be free.