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new single, ‘Too Small To Follow’ out this Thursday

howya lads… I’m really excited about the release of the new single, and I’m in the studio all day every day in Blarney Co. Cork.  Loving it with the lads, Mick Daly and Dave Murphy.  I’m getting ready for gigs in October, November, December.

Life is good.  Life is really good.  


I’ve done a few things and I’ve said a few words

And the thoughts in my head I’d afraid to be heard

But then there’s the truth and the lie that it holds

So who are we now?  I ask you.


Sure I ruffle the dogs lying on the setee

And they’ve more cop on than most, between you and me

As a sentient being I’ve lived there before

So who are we now?  I ask you.


As Austria runs with the ball up the field

There’s still a slight chance that we’ll make it next year

And if we don’t I won’t be shedding a tear

So who am I now?  I ask you.


I’m the stars in the sky I’m the sun as it sets

I’m the mad little woman who’s prone to forget

And I watch my mind or else it’s game match and set

So who are you now?  I ask you.


And we may work it out in this limitless time

And we’ll fight over who owns what and if it’s mine

Then we’ll make up again with our friend Ol’ Angzine

We’re all the one, I swear it’s true.


Majella sept. 10, 21.29 – 2013






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